Trading Instruments

Currency pairs

The Forex market was created as a result of exchange of one currency to another, which is made every day worldwide. The participants of currency exchange are national banks, pension and investment funds, commercial and production companies, as well as private persons. Currency rates vary every second but, as a rule, the difference is not so big.
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Precious metals

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium constitute the majority of trading in precious metals.
Gold investment
Traditionally, gold is regarded not only as a precious metal but also as an advantageous Forex instrument. Gold has always been much in demand, that’s why investing in XAUUSD and XAUEUR can be considered as profitable and reliable. Trading gold on the Forex market, you provide yourself with almost the same profits you could make when investing in gold itself.
Silver investment
If you decided to diversify risks arising while trading and to protect your funds against market confusions, then silver is a perfect alternative in that case. Investments in silver will make you confident about the future since this metal is more stable (less volatile) than gold, but at the same time, it can be considerably profitable.
Platinum investment
Platinum is one of the world’s most expensive metals. One of the biggest consumers of platinum is the jewelry industry. It is also widely used in medicine and, particularly, in dentistry. Platinum is considered to be a stable and liquid means of saving funds during a period of economic instability. This metal does not fall in price as much as other assets do.
Palladium investment
Palladium is widely used in the chemical industry and is irreplaceable in some sectors of the automobile industry. As the automobile industry is developing, the demand for this metal and the investment interest are also increasing. Palladium price depends on changes in the development of the world industry. The dollar, oil, gold rates and the price for various industrial goods also influence the pricing of palladium.

Oil trading

Oil is considered to be a safe haven for traders, along with the volatility of the oil markets that presents many opportunities for profit. Oil is the world’s most traded commodity. As soon as people found oil, the demand for it became huge. Oil investment is a profitable and reliable way of increasing your capital.
Many supply and demand factors affect oil price, the strongest which is global economic growth. In times of economic prosperity the demand for oil increases. Beside economic changes, extreme weather conditions can also have a great impact on it. Oil is a globalized, 24-hour market, with its prices in constant motion.