Leverage Conditions

Fxglory Leverage Conditions

Fxglory leverage is automatically adjusted to a client’s account. In case a client wants to change the leverage our company provides him/her with an opportunity to set the leverage level online which is introduced in the Client Cabinet. If you set independently the settings you want, you will create the conditions you need to make trading more efficient. This function will save your time and become another comfortable service making the trading more successful.
From 2 of July 2012 the size of the leverage in Fxglory ranges up to 1:3000. Our company has established the following maximum leverage values:
Balance, USD Maximum leverage
1-999 1:3000
1000-1999 1:2000
2000-2999 1:1000
3000-4999 1:500
5000-9999 1:400
10000-29999 1:200
Above 30000 1:100
Leverage will automatically be adjusted down as the client’s account balance changes. For example, the balance of your account is 950$ and you have the leverage of 1:3000, this leverage will decrease to 1:2000, when your balance reaches to 1000$. The leverage cannot be automatically adjusted up. In this case you have to change it in your Client Cabinet.

Fxglory Leverage Conditions

Please read the rules of the leverage cautiously.


The company reserves the right to decrease the leverage before the important economic news, the market opening and closing time and also, when there is a force majeure that can make price feeding stop.


The company reserves the right to remove high volume trades which require the leverage more than 1:100 before the closing time of the market and the important economic news. This rule is necessary because of the potential that a price gap may arise when the market opens.


Generally, the leverage is for the stable situation of the market and for the honest traders. If a client violates the rules above, his/her orders will be removed from his/her account.


Please read and note

The company has the right to change or modify any rules above. The client will be informed about these changes through the inner email of MetaTrader 4. The client is obliged to consider the rules of this page from time to time.