Account Types

Unified MT4 & MT5 Account Types

Fxglory strives to satisfy all clients’ individual needs; therefore, while committed to your financial success, we have the privilege of introducing our three types of trading accounts – Standard, Premium and VIP for both MT4 and MT5. Each account has its own features and paves a new way to the Forex world. By doing so, Fxglory simply enables its clients from professionals to amateurs to choose their desired accounts. Our account types vary in lot sizes, minimum deposit amounts and other features. While choosing the account which suits you best, you have to consider different points including the amount of your investment, your risk tolerance etc.
FEATURES Standard Premium VIP
Minimum deposit 1 USD (100 USD for MT5) 1,000 USD 5,000 USD
Minimum lot size 0.01 0.01 0.01
Maximum lot size 1.00 10.00 100
Maximum position 20 100 200
Step lot size 0.01 0.01 0.01
Leverage up to 1:3000 1:2000 1:400
Deposit bonus percentage 50% 50% 50%
Maximum bonus 500 USD 1,000 USD 2,000 USD
Margin call / Stop out 60% / 30% 50% / 30% 30% / 10%
Spread from 2 pips from 1.5 pips from 0.7 pip
Commission 0 USD 0 USD 0 USD
Hedge Margin 50 % 50 % 25 %
Premium VPS No Yes Yes
While all traders have access to Fxglory 24/7 live support and online educational materials, you can benefit from more developed features as you increase your initial deposit, including VPS, lower spreads and more. Fxglory allows you to open all of the below account types to enhance your trading experience and accordingly to maximize your profit.

Trading accounts

Unlocking the World of Forex Trading: Your Ultimate Trading Accounts Guide

Standard trading accounts

Before Fxglory introduce its various account types, all accounts were regarded as Standard. The main advantage of this type of account is its universality and fixed spread. While opening an account you can select your leverage and work with a deposit size convenient for you.

Premium trading accounts

While maintaining the fixed spread, in this type of account the clients need to make a deposit of 1000 USD to initiate their account but after their first deposit, the deposit conditions of the Premium account will apply to the deposit conditions of the Standard account.

VIP trading accounts

Similar to Premium accounts, the clients need to deposit 5000 USD in order to activate their VIP account and expectedly after their first deposit, the deposit conditions of the VIP account will be the same as Standard account. The main advantages of this type of account are fixed and lower spreads, free VPS, bonus and many more other features.

The below information applies to all account types:

  • In all accounts you can find both types of order executions: instant and market.
  • Fixed spreads remain the same for instant and market orders regardless of the underlying market conditions. With a fixed spread account you are able to manage your trading costs much more effectively. This allows you to know exactly how many pips you have to make on a trade in order to gain profit.
  • All accounts are swap free.
  • No commissions on deposits.