The USDCAD pair hovers around the 1.28600 level and makes an effort to press on it. While waiting for the price to break the mentioned level and confirm rallying towards our next negative target at 1.27770, we could see that stochastic is gradually losing its positive momentum. In general, the scenario of a bearish trend will continue to hold true unless 1.28220 is breached and held above. The expected trading range for today is between the resistance of 1.29073 and the support of 1.28220. Momentum (RSI) had shifted downward and there is a divergence of Price and Momentum.

• There is resistance at 1.28883, followed by resistance at 1.29073and 1.29200.
• There is support at 1.2822. Below, there is 0.27900 and 0.27194.

Note: We do not suggest any investment advice, and these analyses are just to increase the traders’ awareness but not a certain instruction for trading.