All we can say these days on Gold chart is related to market sentiment. As you see on figure there is a harsh bearish move starting from 15th of October and making Gold to lose around 140$ of its price per ounce. That is a huge fall and it encourages traders to participate in the party. Eventually, anyone that wants to sell has sold. Most of trend traders have a good benefit and leave their positions after taking their profits. In December we just see price chops and does not continue its bearish trend. Even if everything in the world is pointing for prices to go lower, if there are no new sellers, prices will not move lower. After touching that lowest low in early December, we saw a higher-low come in on Fed Day and since then Gold has pretty much been chopping back and forth.
All these observation from figure shows us that it is not a time to enter Gold market and maybe we should wait. When a market is not bearish does not automatically mean that it is bullish. Breaking one of support or resistance lines shown on figure and being confirmed, may lead us to new trend.