As moving averages 20,100 and 200 do not stand in order, we can find out that there is no clear trend to stand on it. On the other hand, punching bullish Andrew pitchfork in H4 chart emphasizes our idea that we are not in a particular trend now.
In the figure below you can see how Andrew pitchfork triggered line works as a resistance and the price touches it and then bounces back. Whether it can head EURUSD up or just make a delay in changing the trend, it will show us a good sign about the trend reversal or consistency.

Bollinger bands is still in a choppy mode and does not show any special signal in H4. Having a candle close under 1.0810 can be a sign for a trend reversal at least for a while. Then we can search for the signs that confirm a new bearish trend.

Technical Analysis of EURUSD