Dear Clients,

Unfortunately the electronic payment system Liberty Reserve is currently unavailable due to reasons that are still unclear. Therefore, this method will be unavailable for Deposit or Withdrawal operations from 05/24/2013 till unknown time.
In this process we lost huge amount of our resources and we are waiting for a logical response from Liberty Reserves company. In other words we are committed to our clients.
In this case, our board has decided to pay by PayPal method and the reason of this decision based on the board announcement is its safety and liquidity.
So the clients, who used Liberty Reserve in order to deposit before and their balance is more than 200$ and less than 10,000$,  can withdraw funds via PayPal.

The other clients whose balance is less than 200$, must wait for Liberty Reserve company statement or they can deposit via their verified PayPal account and increase account balance to more than 200$. After that they can request to withdraw their balance via PayPal after at least 0.02 Lot trading for each “One LR Dollar” (to release remained LR balance).

For withdrawals to be possible, Fxglory account holder’s name must be same as PayPal account holder’s name and also his/her PayPal account must be verified.

For any questions or getting other solutions, please contact: [email protected]

Best Regards,
Fxglroy Accounting Team