The British pound has grown stronger early in Monday’s trading day, reaching 1.26. Since this is a key resistance barrier, the market is willing to keep seeing sellers in. Furthermore, there are doubts about disinflation and risk appetite around the world, which will have a significant impact on the greenback. Because the market has been in a decline for quite some time, it’s only natural that sellers will step in.

In this scenario, the 1.25500 price level acts as support, while the 1.25710 level acts as resistance. The pivot point may be found 1.25590 points above the pricing line. To put it another way, the EMA of 10 is now in a bullish movement since it is positioned above the EMA of 100 and below the EMA of 200. The stochastic value has dropped below the 20-point threshold. While the RSI is creeping closer and closer to the threshold of 50, the ADX is not displaying a clear indication. The MACD histogram is now in the negative zone, and there is a crossing indicating a sell signal.

• There is resistance at 1.25710, followed by resistance at 1.25800 and 1.25920.
• There is support at 1.25500. Below, there is 1.25380 and 1.25290.

Note: We do not suggest any investment advice, and these analyses are just to increase the traders’ awareness but not a certain instruction for trading.