Why do most traders choose Fxglory?
Fxglory gained a reputation as one of the most respected companies in the world of Forex market. It combines flexibility and ease-of-use with remarkable professionalism. What makes us outstanding among other brokers is our customer satisfaction, our unique website design, competitive and fully transparent prices, cutting-edge trading tools, trustworthy trade execution, the highest leverage in the world, up-to-date, reliable, high quality services, multilingual 24 hour support center to help our clients succeed in the global markets. We provide our clients with an easy access to a safe and rich trading environment. Our financial transparency gives our clients and partners confidence that the company is well-managed and well-organized.

Special advantages of Fxglory :
You can easily and rapidly start trading with Fxglory. The registration process takes a few minutes and the initial deposit can be 1 USD which lets anyone to become a Forex market trader.
Fxglory offers its clients the MetaTrader 4 platform which is the most popular and dynamically developing platform in the world of Forex market. The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped traders workplace that allows to trade in the financial markets (Forex and Futures). It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics of financial instruments, make the trade transactions, create and use automated trading programs (Expert Advisors). Fxglory trading platform is provided for our clients for free including desktop and mobile versions.
Fxglory gives its clients the opportunity to work with a wide set of tools such as margin calculator, Fibonacci calculator, currency convertor, charts, quotes, market news with a profitable and convenient conditions in trading:
  • a large list of currency pairs and cross-rates;
  • shares of well-known companies: Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, McDonalds, etc;
  • precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, palladium;
  • oil and natural gas.
  • Fxglory offers its clients “One-click trading” capability which makes execution of trades as simple as possible. This service is integrated into your MetaTrader 4 platform and allows clients to see easily changes in price and conduct a number of transactions at the best time.
    You can open or close positions with a simple click.
    We offer our clients standard trading accounts with excellent order execution: instant and market execution. Clients are able to trade with the micro lot size of 0.01 in their standard accounts including minimum requotes and slippage with the best and fast execution which increases the quality of trading system.
    Fxglory gives its clients a great opportunity to enter the world of Forex trading with a small initial investment. We offer various payment methods to our clients in order to deposit and withdraw, including direct deposits via different bank cards and wire transfer. Clients are able to trade with low minimum deposit of 1 USD and increase the size of their investment to gain a good profit based on their experience in the world of Forex. The automatic system of instant deposit and withdrawal enables our clients to transfer funds to their accounts easily and rapidly.
    Fxglory guarantees its clients full personal information safety. The identity of Fxglory Ltd at Tbilisi GE has been verified by Geo Trust Extended Validation SSL CA. The HTTPS data encryption protocol used in the clients’ profiles makes data transfers between the client and the server secure. It also excludes any acts of the client’s personal data interception.
    Fxglory provides its clients with 24/5 online support covering with a professional and technical multilingual support team to give solutions and consultation service, always accessible for help and guidance.
    As a trader, you should first know what leads you to succeed in the world of Forex market. Your success depends on many factors such as your knowledge, Forex trading skills, experiences and the way that you monitor and analyze the market. Beside these factors, choosing the leading partner is very important. Fxglory will assure its clients with the safe and experienced trading environment and always follow the principles of successful trading.

    Special Advantages and Promotions :
    Our company gives you an excellent opportunity to increase your deposit and make your trading profitable. Fxglory gives 50% bonus for each deposit automatically.
    Fxglory is the first and only broker in the world which presents the leverage of 1:3000 for the small amount of deposit. The clients whose deposit is less than 999 USD can set the leverage of 1:3000, which helps to create new opportunities of trading in the Forex market.
    One of the precious advantages of Fxglory is a fixed and low spread. We do not change the spread when news release so that clients can trade perfectly without being worried about floating spread. Furthermore, we have some especial conditions like decreasing the spread and account managing by our professional money managers for those clients who deposit more than 100,000$ in their account.
    Our swap-free (Islamic) accounts allow you not to pay any fees for carrying a position open overnight. This type of account is suitable for the investors who are not allowed to receive swaps owing to their religious beliefs.
    Traders who are keen to use various automated trading strategies can use Expert Advisors in their platform. They perform any instructions of a client, without his/her direct involvement. EA helps a client to decrease the responsibility for decision-making and become less stressful. Moreover, it can manipulate the trading signals even when a client is not on his/her workplace.
    The company clients have access to free-of-charge remote Virtual Private Server (VPS) . The VPS service is a simple way to automate your Forex trading.
    The advantages of VPS are:
    Trade anywhere, trade even if your power goes out, trade at any time of day
    No influence on your trading process by the quality of your internet connection
    Better performance – high-speed trading
    24-hour mode of operation
    High degree of security
    In addition to economic and Forex news, we provide our clients with daily Forex technical analysis from certified trading central companies as well as analytical tools suitable for all types of traders.
    Our clients are provided with the most comprehensive and complete educational material and tutorials to vast their Forex trading knowledge.
    Fxglory clients have opportunity to send a request for partnership programs. You can cooperate and make a profit without trading. There are two types of partnership programs: White Label Program and Introducing Broker (IB).
    In White Label Program the introducer receives a trading platform and uses his own trading mark. This program has its own special benefits. Introducing Broker (IB) can get benefits by receiving commissions as well. Besides, on some conditions IBs have a great opportunity to use our White Label Program for free.
    Customer satisfaction is one of our most important concerns. Thus, we always focus on the quality of our services and provide our clients with the best trading conditions in the market. We constantly develop new financial products and offer more trading and analysis instruments to our clients as well.