Fxglory partnership program
Partnership program is a stable income in the Forex market without risk and investment!
Our company opens up new possibilities to earn on Forex. The Fxglory partnership program gives you a chance to earn money on very favorable terms and in a secure environment. Our partnership program is a form of business cooperation between Fxglory and its partners. The only thing to do to develop your business: acquire new clients to trade with Fxglory. You earn commission, regardless of whether their trades are profitable or not.
Partnership benefits include:
  • Simply introduce – and walk away
  • Minimal legal requirements and paperwork
  • Earn as your clients trade
  • Unlimited potential for profit
  • Full support
  • Easy and quick withdrawal options

Choose which type of partnership to pursue

A partner can choose either one of our two Partnership programs based on his/her experience level and interests.

IB – Introducing Broker
An Introducing Broker (IB) is a person or a company which introduces our broker to active traders in the Forex market. An Introducing Broker can organize his own business in different ways, depending on existing or potential customer base, whom he intends to work with.
WL – White Label
White Label program gives you a great opportunity to use your own trademark, start your own independent brokerage business using our software. It can be adapted to your individual needs, suitable for your strategies to attract clients in your own way.It helps you to concentrate on your main activity, increase your income and improve your own brand. This partnership program has its own special benefits and it is a good offer for those introducers who have many clients.