1. Familiarize yourself with the material provided on our website. We have collected information, that will help you learn the basics of professional trading and improve your skills and abilities.
  2. Also, read the available literature on the internet: look over the list of books popular among traders. Knowledge thus acquired will assist you in achieving effective results and prevent you from making many of the common and recurring mistakes made by beginners.
  3. Try your skills in financial market trading without risking by opening a free demo account. Although trading on a demo account does not fully reflect real trading conditions, nevertheless it will enable you to familiarize yourself with the trading platform and learn the basics of trading.
  4. Once you feel that you are in a position to trade on the financial markets, you can open a real account and make deals.
Successful traders advise beginners to spend several months testing start Forex trading strategies on demo accounts. The time spent learning the rules of trading will save you money and nerves, and help to avoid many future difficulties.
To succeed in trading you need:
  • To choose a reliable broker with an impeccable reputation
  • To strive to fill all the gaps in your knowledge of Forex
  • To use a professional and convenient Forex trading terminal
  • Not to rush to immediately earn millions
  • To be prepared for losses, think of them as a part of Forex trading
  • Not to let your passion take over your sense
To sum up, on our website you will find:
1. Introduction to the Forex market

2. How to predict price movements