while ERUGBP price is around 0.84609 at the moment, a rise up to the next resistance line to 0.85000 can be expected. The support line 0.84300 has not been broken since May and once again, EURGBP reversed from this support line. As it is visible on the chart the price line has broken above the descending trend line on 13 July and retested the area today. MACD is showing bullish wave on going, MACD bars are turning dark green, and MACD line has smoothly broken above the signal line. RSI index is indicating 40.00 and is going on a bullish wave. In addition, the price line has already reacted to Moving Average of 10 several times. Regarding all analysis, there is a long position opportunity round 0.842000 zone.

• There is resistance at 0.84630, followed by resistance at 0.84800 and 0.85000
• There is support at 0.84300 below, there is 0.84400 and 0.84465.

Note: We do not suggest any investment advice, and these analyses are just to increase the traders’ awareness but not a certain instruacdtion for trading.