Opening a NETELLER account gives you all the benefits this online payment system has to offer! NETELLER is an online payment method that mostly focusses on online gambling, poker, bingo and skill games. A major benefit of NETELLER is that you don’t pay any fee for sending or receiving money when you play on any online gambling website. When you use a credit card a casino or poker website mostly charge a fee for using this method and can cost you upto 5%.

Another benefit is that you can easily appy for the Net+ MasterCard which is a prepaid credit card which can be used at most online stores or just for getting money out of the ATM. After verification of your account, just apply for the card and within 10 working days the card will arrive including the secure PIN Code (sent seperately).


NETELLER was founded in 1999 and  provides businesses and individuals with an online payment method alternative to traditional payment methods.  Being regulated by Financial Services Authority in the UK makes it a very safe method to make online payments.

Money Transfer

NETELLER has a Money Transfer service which enables you to sent money friends and family for free! NETELLER Money Transfer is a free alternative to traditional methods of sending money, just having the email address of a person enables you to sent money worldwide.

VIP Program

NETELLER has a very exclusive VIP program for the customer who is sending and receiving a lot of money. Some of the extra benefits:

  • Up to 0.5% cash-back every month
  • Free withdrawals
  • Multiple currency accounts
  • As little as a 1.25% FX fee
  • Flexible transaction limits
  • Bonus NETELLER Reward Points

Secure, instant payments

NETELLER is the best way to pay and get paid on thousands of sites, including some of the top gaming and retail sites in the world.

Award winning Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®

Featuring no monthly fees, free point-of-sale transactions and free card load options, the Net+ card is the best-priced prepaid card on the market.

Simple and FREE Money Transfers

Whether you’re sharing commissions with your referrals or sending money to friends and family, our fast, simple and secure Money Transfer service is the best way to move money.

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