Adding credit/ debit card advantages

With our new credit/debit card merchant service, the clients are able to add their credit/debit cards through Method 2 – Payment Confirmation.
After adding the card by “Method 2″, it will be verified in our system and the clients can deposit by our primary credit/debit card method without any problems. Also, the clients’ cards information will be saved in our merchant service safe and secure; therefore, they just need to enter CVV2 to make a deposit for the next times.

In order to make a deposit by our primary credit/debit card merchant, you can verify your card by “Method 1″ too, and the only difference by this option is that, your card information will not be saved in our system, and each time you have to enter your all information in our creditdebit card merchant.

We should mention that by choosing our alternative credit card method to deposit, it is not nessecary to verify your credit/debit card but usually the clients whose their card are not verified in our system, their transactions will be decliend by our merchant. So we recommend you to verify your credit/debit card our system before making any deposits even by alternative credit card method.

Please note:
Using “Method 2″ of card verification is not related to alternative credit card deposit method.