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About FxGlory
About the advantages of FxGlory Brokerage
FxGlory brokerage is the only brokerage in the world which presents the leverage of 1:3000 for the small amount of deposit. Though, we do not charge our clients for this service. Also, the trades of our clients are automatically connected to a bank.
To name some of our precious advantages we can say the fast execution of the trades and the minimum spread on trades. Moreover, Periodically, Our Company considers a huge budget for giving bonus to those clients who deposit in their accounts.
Another precious advantage of our company is having no minimum amount for depositing and withdrawing. This opportunity helps the client to test our services with even a small amount of money. Also, our broker takes no taxes on the profit of its clients. Also, considering that we accept most kinds of electronic money, our company has got a special welcome by the American clients.
About our bonus, we should say that this bonus on depositing money will help the margin and therefore decrease the risk of trading for the clients. This bonus is provided from our gigantic and unlimited advertising budget.
Furthermore, we have some especial conditions like decreasing the spread and account managing by our professional money managers for those clients who deposit more than 100,000$ in their account.

Registration and regulation details of FxGlory Brokerage
FXGlory company was founded in the U.A.E. as GLORY WAY GENERAL TRADING in 2011 with the registration number of 1086945 and the license number of 662938 in the Department of Economic Development.
And right now, FXGlory company has opened its technical office in Georgia in 2012. We hope that we could extend our services to the clients , to open our new branches in the other countries in near future.

About company's shareholders
Most of the managers of the company are active traders in stock and currency pairs markets. In the meantime, the main investors of the company are active traders in the fields of exporting and importing goods and financial markets. Therefore, they have decided to focus on the Forex market and after that try to get a license to open their own bank. We, FXGlory's managers, are trying to present the best services, which you have ever experienced in the Forex market, and at the same time improve the quality of our services by using our clients' opinions and ideas.
We as managers of the company have never feared and will not fear experiencing new financial markets and ideas, and we promise that in the near future we will establish the FXGlory Bank in the U.A.E. and Georgia, therefore, you can use our own bank's credit card around the world.

Some goals of the company's shareholders
  • Netting the clients of the Forex market and presenting them the best services in the Forex market
  • Establishing FXGlory Bank
  • Establishing FXGlory Charity Foundation as an independent organization to help international charity organizations, especially UNICEF

  • Risk Warning: Financial markets incur a high level of risk; therefore, if you do not have enough experience and information about these markets, it could damage you more than gambling and causes loss of your initial fund and investment. In addition, as we know, gaining profit in a short time or losing fund in a short time is not suitable for most people. If you cannot bear such issues, it is strongly advised that you not trade in financial markets, especially the Forex market. Before deciding to trade foreign exchanges, you should carefully consider and read Risk Disclosure. To sum up, before deciding to participate in the market of Forex, you should carefully consider your level of experience and information. Consequently, if you are a naive and amateur trader in the Forex market, you should gain enough information about all the aspects and the risks of this market.